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Leica Ultravid 8x42 HD binoculars review

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zeiss victory sf 10x42 used

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zeiss victory sf 10x42 used

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Shop All Featured Shotgun Accessories. Airguns Stoeger. Shop All Featured Firearm Deals.If you click a link on this page and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Learn More. If you are here to look out for the comparison between Zeiss victory Sf Vs Swarovski El, two of the greatest binoculars in the world, You are on the right page. Carl Zeiss is synonymous with high-quality optical lenses that are used in cameras, binoculars and other optical instruments; whereas Swarovski is well-known for its brilliant craftsmanship and specialty glasses.

Feature for feature, these binoculars offer outstanding performance and unmatched qualities, as this comparison will show. Magnification 8 5x Effective objective lens diameter 42mm Buy on Amazon.

Phase-corrected Schmidt-Pechan prisms. Magnification: 10x Submersion tightness up to 13 ft. What strikes one at first look is the similarity in appearance — slim barrels and uncluttered smooth design. Both sets of binoculars from Zeiss and Swarovski feature the open bridge design. This design lets you wrap your fingers around one of the barrels easily to hold the binoculars with one hand.

zeiss victory sf 10x42 used

Moreover, the focus wheel in the Zeiss binoculars is placed a little bit lower which makes it very convenient to operate with the index finger while holding the binocular.

Both binoculars have fast focusing which means a small turn on the focusing wheel is required to zoom in or zoom out. The Zeiss binoculars are ergonomically designed, thanks to its ErgoBalance concept which also shifts the center of gravity within the binoculars to distribute the weight towards the eyepiece.

This makes it slide naturally towards your eyes without making an effort to tilt it. The rubber armor provides for the protection and a firm non-slip grip. The outer armor is thicker and has thumb indents for easy grip. The Swarovski body is made of magnesium alloy to keep the weight lighter. The detailing covers the flip-down attached objective cover lens and the rotating strap-connector.

The Zeiss binoculars have the Schmidt-Pechan roof prism system which gives an excellent optical performance.

This ensures that there is no chromatic aberration at the edges of the image. The large 5 mm exit pupil allows for a better and detailed view in low light conditions. The eye relief is The Smart Focus concept makes for quick focusing. The Swarovski EL 8. This is due to the HD optics featuring fluoride- lenses, which eliminate color aberration due to scattering and ensures color fidelity.

Zeiss Victory HT 10x42 Binoculars

The EL 8.MPN: Buy Together and Save. Take a closer look at all that nature has to offer. These Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 Binoculars are lightweight and ergonomically designed optics that allow for continuous hours of bird watching without leaving you fatigued.

With an unmatched wide-angle field of view, these Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 Wildlife Observation Binoculars let you quickly and reliably locate your target so that you don't miss a moment. Plus, these binoculars utilize the Ergo-Balance concept that shifts the weight appropriately so that they don't weigh heavily on your neck and shoulders.

Despite the lightweight design, these Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 Waterproof Binoculars are a durable and rugged optic that can be enjoyed in even the harshest conditions. Pick up your pair and observe nature like never before with larger-than-life views of birds, bugs and the beautiful outdoors.

The Zeiss Victory SF does not have a traditional tripod mount socket. Binoculars from the Zeiss Victory SF series can be mounted on any commercial camera tripod using the Zeiss Binofix universal tripod adapter.

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Tap Tap to Zoom. You May Also Like. Condor Binocular Pouch, Black Customer Reviews. Most Recent Reviews Hands down best pair of all around Binoculars!! Read More If you're looking for the best in class in binoculars this is it. After comparing against all the competition and owning the Swarovski EL's and Leicas both brokeI decided to go with the ZeissIt's All About The Glass: The Victory HT binocular line is one click shy of perfection, but for those who don't need a rangefinder they are simply amazing.

He went on to elaborate on the quality of Schott HT high-transmission glass. Their engineers have been able to achieve an outstanding 95 percent or more light transmission, the highest of any premium binocular on the market. As any trophy mule deer hunter knows, this is huge when it comes to having the ability to locate and evaluate animals in the darkest hours of the day.

HT Ergonomics: While some hunters may place brightness and clarity above everything, to me ergonomics are equally important. Knowing that countless hours will be spent glassing, if binoculars do not feel comfortable I would never make the purchase. If you have an issue with the feel of any binoculars at your first impression, you will revisit that uncomfortable scenario every time you glass.

zeiss victory sf 10x42 used

You will immediately realize that the quality and workmanship is awesome. They are an extremely well-built binocular, designed to perform perfectly in the toughest of conditions.

Three-position eyecups allow plenty of adjustment, depending on your preference. You will be impressed.

Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 Binoculars

Ultra clear - great light transmission. Superb deal. Optical brilliance! The advanced ergonomics and balanced design allow for hours of comfortable viewing. A variety of objective sizes and magnification levels ensure you to find the perfect scene. Vortex Diamondback 10x42 Binoculars Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 Binoculars Top of the art binoculars It's All About The Glass: The Victory HT binocular line is one click shy of perfection, but for those who don't need a rangefinder they are simply amazing.

Zeiss HT Victory Optical brilliance!Posted June 13, by Hunting Binoculars under Binoculars comparisons. Both brands, Leica and Zeiss are premium manufacturers of high-quality optical devices. Noctivid series of binoculars was introduced inas a result of several decades of experience, innovative technologies and excellent optical and mechanical systems.

Noctivid is known for being the most premium series of binoculars that Leica has ever produced. The first edition was in dark grey color and had several minor problems. However, when improving the binoculars, their excellent optical properties and price remained the same. I got to make a review of a green edition Leica Nocitivid that is coated in beautiful, olive green rubber.

They weigh more than the Victory SF but they are smaller and thinner. The rubber they are made of is non-slippery and durable. On the right barrel, there is a small red Leica logo. Both binoculars have an open bridge design. Victory SF has a triple-bridge link for comfortable handling. Its barrels are very long, narrow and coated in solid, matte black rubber. The Victory SF binoculars are better balanced, while Noctivid is heavier on the front on the objective lens side.

The shaking effect on 10x magnification binoculars is more noticeable than on lower magnifications, but still within normal limits. Both binoculars are available in this configuration too. Noctivid has phase-corrected prisms and 12 glass elements integrated into their binoculars.

They have used the high-quality SCHOTT optical glass and anti-reflective coatings of the highest level, which provide exceptional brightness, sharpness, and true-to-life, neutral colors and image. Extra-low dispersion ED lenses eliminate chromatic aberration and distortion and on the other side increase contrast and color fidelity. The LotuTec coating protects the objective and ocular lenses of the binoculars from scratches and makes them water, dirt, and grease- repellent it makes the drops simply drip off.

Their specialty is also the ErgoBalance systemwhich provides stable steady images when holding the binoculars in hands. The focusing syste m on these two binoculars in central and so is the diopter setting.

As mentioned before, the central wheel has been improved on the new Victory SF model which has a smoother rotation now. The focusing wheel on Noctivid is self-lubricated which is the result of a combination of materials used for this purpose. The wheel does not need any oil and works at all temperatures all wheels that are lubricated with oil have the problem with rotating at extremely low temperatures.We use cookies on our site so you can place orders and to improve your experience.

Free delivery also available - more info. The Carl Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 binoculars promise a new benchmark for birding and wildlife observation. The close range of 1. The weight distribution and ergonomic grip make for comfortable, steady Buy Now Pay Later Furthermore, the highly innovative ultra-fluoride lens system provides maximum resolution coupled with extreme detail rendition.

Multiple fluoride lens elements made of high-quality Schott glass ensure even better colour rendition and brilliance. A seven lens element eyepiece featuring a field flattener generates excellent image definition right out to the edge.

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Sometimes, you have to work hard to experience something unique while hunting. Stalking for long periods, steep climbs or fatiguing day-long hikes in the quest for a hunting challenge are more the rule than the exception. With the Zeiss Victory SF, you won't miss out on even the finest details. The extremely large wide-angle fields of view enable you to sight game considerably faster than ever before. The first time you look through the product, you will experience just how impressive the fields of view on our Zeiss Victory SF binoculars truly are.

Both Zeiss Victory SF products will impress with unparalleled performance: with its m at 1, m field of view, the 10x42 delivers absolute top values, just like the 8x42 with its sensational m field of view. To top it off, the unbelievably wide fields of view featuring stunning edge definition can be fully utilized without annoying distortions thanks to the Zeiss Field Flattener technology.

Experience hunting and all that it has to offer every time, without missing a thing even in the most difficult hunting situations. The Zeiss Victory SF are the optimal binoculars for those extra-challenging hunts. They fully demonstrate their quality wherever you may be — the mountains, stalking game or anywhere that binoculars are intensively used.

Decisive for comfortable observation with the Zeiss Victory SF is the centre of gravity far behind the eyepiece. This means the binoculars move on their own towards your eyes where they rest as light as a feather for fatigue-free observation. Traditional binoculars are heavier in the front, resulting in more stress and strain on the upper and lower arms.

The innovative ErgoBalance concept is thus an outstanding product benefit, which significantly improves handling in the field and enables observers to become one with their binoculars and their environment.

Fast and intuitive operation of the binoculars is vital to a hunt. Intuitive means not only simple, but first and foremost fast and precise. Being able to quickly focus on game is essential, especially while stalking or in uneven terrain.

The Smart Focus concept turns your hands into an extension of your senses.Almost here. This is their new premium binocular, designed especially with birders in mind. What an eye-opening experience! I got to watch highly skilled craftsmen meticulously creating the binoculars, one by one. Zeiss has a new prism system that shifts the center of balance towards the eyepieces. For the first time when using a full-sized binocular, I didn't have to work my wrists at all to align it with my eyes.

I knew instantly that this was the best-balanced full-sized binocular I had ever held. And its great balance makes it seem like it weighs even less. I could hold it a long time on a bird without getting tired. Look where that focus knob is! When you're holding the SF, the focus knob is already right under your index finger. You don't have to stretch your finger out to the side to reach it. This makes focusing much more natural, instinctive, and comfortable. The knob itself is designed not to slip under your finger, even when it's wet.

And it focuses fast, so you can quickly go from looking at the soaring hawk to the sparrow on the ground. The triple-link bridge makes for an extraordinarily strong construction. It's taking the open-bridge design a step further. It allows for an easy one-handed grip around either barrel, but the two barrels are connected at three points. I especially love the way the graceful curve of the barrels fits the hollow of my hands. It's both beautiful and practical at the same time.

A happy marriage between form and function. Usually, if you're a glasses wearer, you can't choose the power unless you're willing to give up part of the view. Both the 10x42 and the 8x42 Zeiss Victory SFs have a generous, wide field of view. It's something you notice the moment you look through the SF. I personally feel that a wide field of view is one of the most important components of a good binocular experience.


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