Originally posted by datura-riot. You heard your mom calling and Severus heard his calling as well, it was time to for super.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Keep reading. This one is dedicated to the lovely creature that is slytherimaginxs for her birthday! Happy birthday, fiorellino! I really hoped you liked these!!! Originally posted by mrsgarfieldxo. Remus woke with a start. Sharp, loud cries echoed through the dark bedroom. He let out a tired groan as he rubbed at his eyes, moving your arm off of his bare chest. He did his best to gracefully scoot out of the bed without waking you.

Your chin slipped off his shoulder and rested softly on the corner of his pillow. A sleepy smile grew on his face as you stirred a little, mumbling his name and smiling in your sleep. The baby in the crib at the window let out a piercing cry, and Remus winced, glancing at you. You watched him pad the rest of the way over to the white wooden crib after mentally deciding you were still sleeping.

You watched him through squinted eyes and blurry vision as he lifted your daughter carefully from her crib. He swaddled her in the blanket, hushing her quietly and rocking her in his arms. Oh, sweetheart, stop crying. Nothing to fret over, angel. You felt a smile grace your face as you watched Remus. You watched Remus leave the room, coming back shortly with a bottle and your now quiet daughter.

Remus gazed down at her, an expression full of love and adoration for the girl evident on his face. Your daughter finished the bottle up quickly, but still she remained restless. You frowned. A bottle normally put her right back to sleep. He began to rock slowly.

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She laughed and Remus smiled wider. What a beautiful sound it was, her laugh. You want to hear a story, love? Most of your pregnancy was spent alone, and the stress of it all nearly killed you and Hope both, but you made it through. The princess lived in a glorious castle called Hogwarts where she ruled over her people in the Ravenclaw Tower, a place for the witty ones.

The castle was a big place full of magic and wonder. You forced back a laugh. Serverus Snape was many things, but he was not a mad sorcerer and only got the chance to see your downfall once, before it was quickly taken care of. And so, the princess was left unprotected by her brave knights giving Slimy Snivellus the perfect chance to use his latest terrible sorcery on her.Requests came from hufflepuff-chan and linderff. Special thanks to true-queen-of-mischief :.

Potions classes by Slughorn were always educational and fun. You were one of his favorites, that was no secret and since your last year is about to start it was your last chance to hit your score in the exams. Overly excited you stepped into the class, a big grin on your face.

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You took your normal seat, your friend Sarah, a Hufflepuff as well, looked at you with a risen eyebrow. We got a new teacher. Everyone turned their gaze to the door an in stepped a rather young man, maybe at the age of 21, in dark robes. He proudly walked up to the desk, his dark eyes looking at every student carefully.

I am sure that Professor Slughorn taught you all good but you are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making. As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. The little speech of Snape made everyone quiet down. Even the students in the last row shut their mouths for once.

He was mysterious, somewhat good looking and still scary. It was clear that he knew what he was talking about, he was wise despite his young age and you were sure you could learn a lot from him. If you pass his classes that was the hard part to it. To say you were stressed out was an underestimate but you seemed to be doing a good job despite Sarah, whose red hair was total mess from running her hand through it too much, so were her robs and potion. Quickly, you made the last few steps as the book said and waited for the potions to turn as red as it should be.

As the right color showed in the cauldron you smiled proudly at yourself. But as soon as you looked at Sarah you made your way up to her to help her, but a book that was held to your chest stopped you. Sarah looked to you behind his back. He looked into her cauldron and scoffed. Instead of a dark red the potions was a grey mixture that looked like it will eat her face any moment. We are here to learn how to make Potions right. We are allowed to make mistakes in class.

Told me what a talent you are, but he is no longer here.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Chapter 1 2. What to do when he finds out who sent it? Will he be able to become aware of his own feelings and finally let go of the past? Snape receives a love letter from an anonymous student. You are a student in your sixth year and fall in love with your Professor. Severus Snape x reader romance story warning: smut starts in chapter 5, description of pain not violence! Comments appreciated! Dear Professor, Please excuse my faint-hearted way of letting you know how I feel about you.

Instead, I see passion, warmth and a hidden need for love that I wish to satisfy. In love, xxx. The potions master Severus Snape stared at the letter in his hands.

Did he, the lonely dungeon bat of Hogwarts, just received a love letter? From a student? The professor looked at it in shock, reading some passages from it again, knowing the meanings of the words right before his eyes but failing to see why someone would send them to him. Snape started to think, had he ever received a love letter at all in his whole life?

From what information the black eyed man could get from the text, it had to be one of his students. But the black haired man quickly came to the conclusion that it was pointless to try to determine the culprit. How had the letter even got here? Someone had put the inconspicuous envelope onto his desk in his classroom during dinner.Disclaimer: Any and all known characters and situations belong to J.

Rowling, Warner Bros. No money is made with this 'fan fiction'. This and any and all following chapters are written and submitted for my pleasure in writing them. The Great Hall at Hogwarts was filled with students and teachers. Loud laughter and talking swept through the Castle and brought a smile to the old Headmaster's lips. Albus Dumbledore had faked his own death the year before to be able to hunt for the Dark Lord's Horcruxes without fear.

Once he'd been vanquished and most of his loyal supporters, the Death Eaters, imprisoned, Albus Dumbledore returned to his rightful place as Headmaster of Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A sudden gasp from his young colleague Severus Snape, resident Potions Master and most hated professor at Hogwarts, brought the wizened wizard back into the Great Hall. The shattering of the younger man's stoic mask was quite shocking even to him and surprisingly many students had either heard or observed the uncommon behaviour of their professor, for suddenly the noise level receded.

Dumbledore placed his hand on the younger wizard's arm to stop him from rising. The dark-eyed wizard slumped in his chair. Maybe I can save them. Albus, I cannot -". A thud and a baby's cry were heard from the Entrance Hall, making many heads turn from watching the Headmaster and Potions Professor to watching the doors.

Professor Snape was on his feet and practically flying towards the doors when they opened and a petite young woman, heavy with child, carrying a softly crying infant and holding the hand of another, which in turn was holding the hands of yet another child, entered the Great Hall rather timidly.

The brunette young woman sighed in relief when she saw the most feared professor. The potions master shocked his students to the core when he engulfed the woman in a fierce hug and tucked her head under his chin.

snape x wife reader

He then held her at arms length and seemed to be inspecting her for injuries, when he noticed the two young children hugging his knees. The sable haired wizard crouched down and hugged the two boys protectively. I was so worried when the wards fell. I am so proud of you, helping your mama out of the house so fast.

Are you hurt?Originally posted by severus-snape-my-eternal-prince.

snape x wife reader

I believe it is? It had been a while since she had fought a bogart, she had thought she would have been able to handle it better by now, and she had, but when the bogart had gone, she had fallen the the ground shaking and struggling to take a steady breath.

Tell me to join voldimort, and torchere my family and friends! You know very well that that was his PAST.

Harry Potter x Severus Snape

As she was walking towards her sleeping quarters, she heard at set of footsteps coming quickly towards her, assuming it was her mother, she continued to walk quickly to her sleeping quarters. All of the sudden a hand grabbed hold of hers and spun her around immediately, all she saw was a flash of black, before a pair of slightly chapped but extremely soft lips latched themselves onto hers. She instantly grabbed his cheeks pulling him in as quickly as she could, kissing him with as much passion as she could muster, throwing her arms around his neck, as he put his on her hips, pulling each other in as close as possible.

Hello Severus! She turned around so that-had his hands not been there-the lower of here back would have been pressed against the lip of her desk, and smiled up at him, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. We literally live, work, and eat in the same building! The kiss was sweet and slow, it was never hurried or lustfull when they kiss, passionate sometimes yes but always filled with love, not lust. Me: okay can you stop please because I stoped.

Originally posted by nuttinonjethro. Okay so turns out everyone is hated on the internet. Yes John is a white man writing books ultimately for profit.

young severus snape x reader

And a grown up is writing teen fiction???? How many fucking teen authors do you know? He reuses the same plot lines, has absolutely NO character development, and just in general no interesting characters. He is way over blown.

His writing is mediocre. So stop bitching about the fact that not everyone can sit through a terrible book, and stfu people are entitled to their opinions and entitled to share them. But this gives me the motivation to do it…. Originally posted by lollyeonard. Originally posted by bunbun I am extremely low on cash and have my bills coming up. Please note that this does take a lot of time and you will hopefully get your interpretation at the end of the day. No longer than a two day wait time. Jk I love you.

Jk jk fuck you.I am reposting these chapters.

snape x wife reader

As I began to reread this with the intent upon finishing, there were errors that I could not overlook. Samaria Kirby is my creation. Everything else belongs to J. Chapter 1. Harry sighed as he turned to the instructed page within his textbook. This year, not only did he have to deal with being the fourth, and youngest, of the Triwizard Tournament, but he also had new classes; including this one, Magical Healing.

He was finding it quite difficult. Though difficulty of the class was compensated greatly by the wonderful nature of the teacher. Professor Kirby was a young witch, perhaps 26 or 27, and had been teaching at Hogwarts since Harry could remember. This was just the first time he'd had her as an instructor. Most of the guys fancied her.

If she caught them staring, she would just smile and continue teaching. She was strict in her lessons, but not to the point of humiliating a student, and she was rather beautiful.

She should give Snape a few lessons, Harry thought. Potions was still the class he loathed most, and he would rather face the difficulty of the Magical Healing lessons, rather than Snape's ire. Professor Kirby had been one of the few people who had believed him when he said that he didn't put his name in the Goblet of Fire. She had even offered to help him in his classes, seeing as he had so much to deal with.

He had Hermione, of course, but Professor Kirby was just a little more patient with him than Hermione. She had quickly become one of his, Ron, and Hermione's favorite teachers.

They often went to her office just to talk. Sometimes, they even had lunch there, as she very rarely ate in the Great Hall. It wasn't that this class was boring. It usually wasn't. It was just that they had to learn the theories of the healing spells before they could practice performing them. That part was boring. Hermione of course was hanging on every word and coping it down.

Harry made a quick mental note to ask her to copy them. The rest of the girls either loved the Magical healing teacher, or completely despised her; the opinions of each was obvious on their faces.

Chuckling, he then looked at the dazed look on the faces of each of the boys. Each one adored her… until they got a grade they didn't like.

But even then, after a few days they got over it and started to fawn over her again. Unfortunately, the Gryffindors shared this class with the Slytherins.

It was in fact mostly Slytherin girls that loathed Ms. Harry understood somewhat why. She had a very shapely figure and wore robes to accent it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Musings on Jumin Han, Dracula, Mycroft Holmes, Lucien and Victor regarding the coronavirus and what might take place between them and their special someone as the virus spreads.

Amidst the excitement of the Triwizard Tournament, Kit and Snape write their love on each other's bodies and enjoy the physical and emotional intimacies of their relationship.

At the same time though, some of the demons of their past, alongside Kit's suffocating morality, begin to test them. Kit deals with the trauma of past abuses, and Snape has a ticking time bomb of a secret he intends to keep. You've been feeling down for some time, like your world was falling apart. However, lucky for you, there was a special person who pulled you right back up.

Should you let it take its course or tweak things a bit? Only Professor Dumbledore knows about her and what good will come out of her. Your name is Gwendolyn Goode. Life has always been a dull wash of grey for Cyrna Raine. Her lack of sympathy distances her from the rest of the world, so when death approaches, she accepts it with open arms. However, that is not to be, for by some twisted fate, she receives a second chance to live.

Hogwarts Era. You always got away with careless behavior in your other classes, but that behaviour ends in the Potion Master's classroom when you help your friends cheat on the creation of an Elixir. This was never the kind of attention you wanted from him. After the fiasco that was your Potions exam you find yourself in detention with the man you are helplessly in love with A bunch of stories about villains and slashers that are not, in any way, connected.

Some may come of requests, others done just because I want to. Some may be fluffy Check the top of each chapter to find out what you're getting into Most are quite short under 1k words but some are over! Will add archive warnings as they apply once I begin to post.

As always, thank you for reading and any comments you have please feel free to let me know below! Love can be found at the most unexpected places at the most random times. And Severus Snape never thought he would find it in a Muggle, not after Lily.

Not after all the sacrifices, and the pain, and the grief. Ana, a peculiar Muggle with abilities beyond his own, entered his life unexpectantly, and as much as he tried to fight it, the feelings ignited he night he met me.

On my 18th birthday. I have abilities. Strange ones.


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