Product specifications and power tool standard equipment are subject to change without notice. Metabo drills are designed and built to meet the needs of the professional user. Whether drilling wood, metal, plastic, ceramic or masonry, Metabo has a drill. You can be sure that a Metabo drill is engineered to meet the toughest. Optional Equipment: Dust extraction kit Dust extraction kit Dust extraction kit At Metabo when we do something, we do it right.

That is why our rotary hammers. The new Vee Flute Triathlon bit is a real technological breakthrough. The key is the innovative.

Vee Flute Triathlon bits provide faster drilling times, endure more rebar. Until recently it was believed that the 4-cutter tip design in concrete bits delivered the optimum. However, after many years of research it has now been proven that the. Metabo chisels are designed for use on hard hitting elektro pneumatic hammers for chipping, breaking, scaling.

Each chisel is specially designed for the stresses and applications. Engineered for long life while. The ability to remove the chuck and drive fasteners with the. Chargers are warranted to the launchpad mk1 purchaser for 3 years from the date of purchase against defects. If a listed battery fails to take a charge, or if the charger fails due to.

The most important factor when using screwdriver bits is proper fit. Using the correct point size.

2012/2013 CATALOG Metabo Canada, Inc. 1-877-638-2261

Bits are manufactured at various hardness to accommodate different screws and applications. A perfect match. Metabo Pyramid Abrasives. Finer finishes faster! The VTC electronics maintain the. Metabo Pyramid Abrasives shorten the time required to get to. Metabo grinders have the latest technology to maximize productivity. Carrying case optional optional optional optional.

Standard Equipment: Side handle Side handle Side handle Optional Equipment: Type 1 cut-off wheel guard Type 1 cut-off wheel guard Type 1 cut-off wheel guard. Standard Equipment: Side handle Side handle Side handle Side handle Type 27 Wheel guard Wheel guard Wheel guard Wheel guard Standard - Aluminum oxide on resin fiber backing provides excellent stock removal on contoured.

Aluminum Oxide A - General purpose disc for grinding steel and other ferrous metals. Good cutting.All of the Merkrete products listed below are in alpha-numeric order. It can be used to help speed up work times in most any portland cement mortar such as mud beds, masonry mortars, underlayments, thin sets and grouts.

Merkrete Thin Set is a professional grade polymer modified Portland. It uses less water and is creamier and easy to spread. In dry areas, it is suitable for gypsum board. Improving job site air quality, 7D10 Dust Less is suitable for both walls and floors of exterior or interior installations of residential and commercial applications. It has had excellent results when used for demanding exterior facade installations. Hydro Guard 1 is a single component waterproofing system that does not require the use of fabric reinforcement.

It offers maximum protection for your tile and stone installation by inhibiting the transfer of cracks from the substrate to the ceramic, porcelain or stone tile. Fracture Guard FD is a low VOC, fast drying crack isolation membrane for production driven and same day tile installations.

Because Fracture Guard FD is a liquid applied membrane it conforms to any shape or pattern, thus allowing endless architectural designs. Used on both residential and commercial interior and exterior applications, Fracture Guard FD offers essential valued protection.


Hydro Guard is a commercial grade heavy-duty membrane and fabric waterproofing system that protects over time under the most stressful situations. Hydro Guard is used in major hotels, casinos, athletic venues, steam rooms, and commercial buildings throughout the U. BFP waterproofing membrane system is used for severe exposures and high traffic installations.

Durable and long lasting, this membrane system is designed especially for heavy duty applications like high rise buildings, malls and exterior decks to provide waterproofing and crack resistance for thin set installed ceramic, terrazzo, quarry and stone tile.

Integra is a nonabrasive all-in-one adhesive and grout for glass tile installations on walls and floors. Integra was developed especially for the installation of mosaics and glass tile of all shapes and sizes with no concerns about thin set color bleed through because the adhesive and the grout are the same color.

Pro Epoxy can be used for setting and grouting ceramic and quarry tile, pavers, mosaics on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It produces a high strength mortar that is stain resistant, impermeable, and shock resistant.

Pro Epoxy is an excellent setting material for moisture sensitive and resin backed stones like: black, red and green marbles. Use in commercial breweries, dairies, food processing facilities, distilleries, residential kitchens and bathrooms.

Revive is a pigmented water-based urethane acrylic grout stain and sealer. Colored Caulking is an exceptional, one part siliconized acrylic based caulking compound that is mold and mildew resistant. Special chemicals are added while manufacturing to greatly improve the workability, curing, flexural strength and resistance to a broad spectrum of fungal, algae and bacterial degradation.Started inStonExpo is an international exhibition of marble, granite, and other natural stones, along with the latest trends in stone design and fabrication machinery.

OB Expo specializes in interior and exterior finishes and materials used in the final stage of a new construction or remodel project, along with those unique items that allow an architect or designer to crown a project with final touches. OB Expo has been designed to provide a superior experience for the visitor. The exhibition is organized by thematic pavilions where three days of events will provide an international platform for architects, interior designers, contractors, distributors, investors, and real estate developers to come together to strengthen relationships, discover the latest trends and product innovations, and above all, to be inspired.

For more information about StonExpo, visit www. We create transaction-led exhibitions and content-based events, specialist data, intelligence and marketing services products, as well as scholarly research and specialist reference-led academic content.

Our products and services help businesses and professionals connect, learn, do business and gain an edge over the competition. Over 50 architects turned out for this CEU event. Over 50 architects attended the 4th Annual Tile Day. The Tile Day event was also supported by 26 local and national vendors who displayed their latest tile and tile related technologies.

The Roman-themed Neptune Pool was expanded three times between the s toto holdgallons of water. The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle is perhaps the most exciting and beautiful renovation project a tile and stone contractor could dream of.

When cracks and leaks in the year old landmark required repairs and a complete replacement of the tile, a full system from Custom Building Products was selected to install the new stone work. It now holdsgallons of water, measures feet long by 58 feet to 95 feet across and reaches a depth of 10 feet. The pool is an engineering marvel, being suspended rather than sunken; this factor added an extra layer of complexity to shell and plumbing repair efforts at the site.

Bythe aging pool was leaking up to 5, gallons of water daily during a devastating drought. After draining the pool to prevent further leaks and assess damage, all original tile had to be removed to allow extensive repairs to the shell.

A complete renovation was commissioned by California State Parks, which owns and maintains this expansive property. Following repairs to fill cracks and other imperfections, the application of a crystalline waterproofing solution and a successful day fill test, tile installation began in earnest. Their union stone masons and tile setters are trained in time-tested and traditional hand-fitting methods, but also incorporate modern tile installation technology, standards and techniques.

This way, the installers brought together the best of the old and new worlds of tile craftsmanship.Chef'sChoice KS, Super drive series, 2.

Classic with Crisscross, MA 55 Professional, Home Category Power Tool Manuals. Carlyle Tools Power Tool16 carlyle-toolsinstruction-manual Hitachi Power Tool Super drive series Super drive series, 2 hitachi-super-drive-series-operating-instructions Makita Power Tool60 makitainstruction-manual Power Fist Power Tool11 power-fistowner-s-manual Benchcrafted Power Tool Classic with Crisscross Classic with Crisscross, 19 benchcrafted-classic-with-crisscross-installation-instructions-manual Dremel Power Tool24 dremeloriginal-instructions-manual Instruction manual.

Owner's manual. Instructions and parts list. Product manual. Installation and maintenance instructions manual. Operating instructions manual. Quick start manual. Installation manual. Installation instructions manual. Operator's manual. Product information manual. Operation and service manual. Operation manual. Operating manual. Service manual. Assembly and operating manual. Operation manual and parts list. Operator's handbook manual. Original instructions manual.

User manual manual. Maintenance instructions manual. Repair manual. Installation, operation and maintenance manual. Operating informations. Installation and maintenance manual. Original-instruction manual and spare parts list. Maintenance manual. Operation instructions manual. Translation of the original instructions for use.For complaints, use another form.

Power Tool User Manuals

Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. La Palma Ave. SuiteAnaheim, CA. Merkrete offers a complete line of products for waterproofing, setting and grouting ceramic tile and dimension stone, including latex-Portland cement mortars and grouts, epoxy mortars and grouts, joint and skim coat material for cementitious backer units, leveling material for concrete, and a waterproof membrane for tile applications.

This specification is available at www. Section 04 20 00 - Unit Masonry. Section 05 40 00 - Cold-Formed Metal Framing. Section 06 11 50 - Sheathing. Section 09 26 00 - Gypsum Board Systems.

ANSI A Submit under provisions of Section Submit manufacturer's product data demonstrating compliance with specified requirements. Submit manufacturer's instructions for use. Submit manufacturer's certification that materials are suitable for intended use. Samples: Submit samples of each type and color of grouting material and tile. Tile Certificates: 1. Submit Master Grade Certificates issued and signed by the manufacturer and the Contractor when the tile is shipped.All such revisions, clarifications or supplemental terms or conditions forms part of the Bid and Contract Documents, and amends the original Bid Documents titled: Project: Project No.

Submit Bids at the location indicated on the Bid Form. Ensure that all parties submitting bids are aware of items in this Addendum and any affect on other work. Perform Work affected by this Addendum in accordance with the Contract Documents. From our review of the Addendum 5 revised specification the requirement appears to have been relaxed as per 00 21 13 — Instructions to Bidders: 5.

We wish to clarify if the Owner has any specific milestone dates which will be required to be met as part of this revised tender? Refer to Mechanical Drawing M Provide HSS and base plate at end of wall behind door, as per note on pony wall in Room Pony wall adjacent to sink does not require additional steel structure as millwork and associated misc.

Please also refer to A details Delete 2 of the 3 HSS columns. HSS column at GL 3 to remain as part of base building structure. Drawing A; replace, forms part of this Addendum. As per section 06 20 00 sub section 2. Revise angle to HSS as required. Attachments from Consultants 5. Work performed by these subcontractors and suppliers is included in our Bid Price and will be contracted by us for completion of Project.

Subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, and suppliers will be bound by the same contractual requirements as Contractor. The Bidder states that in listing proposed subcontractors and suppliers, that they have been given opportunity to examine Bid Documents corresponding to their contribution of Work. The Bidder warrants that Scope of Work that Subcontractor, sub-subcontractor and supplier Bids are solicited, was fully explained to them, and that Bid Price submitted is complete in every aspect.

Failure to provide this proof when requested may cause Bid to be considered as a non-conforming Bid, and cause return of Bidder submittal. The Prices listed are firm until date of Substantial Performance of Project.Trade focused solutions for safety and productivity available July 1 - July 31, Hilti Certified Reconditioned tools deliver uncompromised performance for an excellent value. Qualities and model availability change frequently, so visit often.

Once a Hilti, always a Hilti. The Set Selector configurator lets you choose any combination of tools from our cordless portfolio, providing recommendations for batteries, chargers and inserts. Hilti webinars provide an interactive online learning experience through technical presentations that include live product demonstrations, technical panel discussions and more, and you can watch them from the comfort of your home or office.

Check out the Innovation Magazine and see the latest tools and systems from Hilti. Manage your variable shipping costs with unlimited shipping to your desired delivery locations at the speed you need. With four convenient tiers to fit your business you can subscribe, save, and stay on schedule. Please note, the order volume has been updated. This is due to package and minimum order quantities.

Please note, the order volume has been updated to. Quick item entry Learn more Have a list of item numbers? Copy and paste it here. If you want to enter items with specific quantities, enter the item number and followed by the quantity you need. Example: 2 Note: Prices shown are continental US prices.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), now the SDS

Enter item number and followed by the quantity you need. Have a list of item numbers? Add to cart. Example: 2.


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