We are also expecting that all orders around the world will take longer in transit. Our physical shop in Newark, Nottinghamshire is closed until further notice.

Wire pin spears with already flattened and shaped heads are supplied free of charge with all the models that need them. Feel free to ring up our mail order department on with any questions you might have. Alternatively, you could send us an email using the form on our Contact Us page.

If you would like to see a random sample from a particular range of your choice just let us know and we will stick one in your next order for you. Or alternatively you are welcome to send us a self addressed and stamped envelope. We are shipping online and phone orders as usual.

See front of site for excluded countries. Our shop in Newark, Nottinghamshire is closed until further notice.

Marx Recast Toy Soldiers

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Is Recasting Miniatures OK? - S1E1

Menu Cart 0. We are an offshoot of Wargames Foundry and have been manufacturing and selling 28mm scale white metal miniatures since Featured Collections. Zulu Wars British. Greek Mythology. Featured Items.These are well known stores selling recast of some major brands. In most cases I found the discount not worth the hassole.

Remeber foreign countries shipping takes a lot of time and customs may hit your package making the purchase more expensive. Is it worth it? Changed their name many times, now operating via email sending emails with links to the actual catalog.

Mainly Forgeworld and resin copies of Games Workshop plastic kits. Also several Rackham miniatures. All I can say is that the metal quality is horrible. I got several figs from them, all ended up at GW legal that promptly provided me with a letter to get a refund via Paypal. Another Russian based store.

Never used personaly, but got good indication that they are selling recasts. Any information on them please contact me. Same as above, mainly FW recast, same story after the purchase I was suspicius. Sent them to GW and all where confirmed as recast models.

I have been told they are not Russian but French. Can anyone confirm. The strange thing is that they have a UK based office? With a phone number? From the homepage:. All I know is that they sell recast miniatures, just ordered a week ago a few items, the package hopefully will give me their address or at least the country of origin. I suspect them beeing from Russia.

Russian based, selling mainly FW recasts. Lets see if they won't rapear under a new store or name. I saved the box with the address I received it from. But for now they are clean as far as I can see. Coolcastornot China. Forgeworld Discount Russia. C enter Hobby Russia. All4Wargamers Russia. This site was designed with the.We sell firepower and advanced technology for your armies. Wide range and the highest quality of our products in conjunction with affordable prices, will allow you to obtain the necessary advantage on the battlefield.

All weapons and warriors are thoroughly tested and trained. In our barracks reign concentration and discipline, the air is filled with the anticipation of future battles.

Priests uplift prayers to gods of war and burn up fire of violence in the hearts of soldiers. Through the clouds of steam and roar of foundry the deadly weapons of war continuously are rolled out. Armies are waiting for their generals.

The troops are moved from the center of the Russian Empire on heavily armored war trains which race and carry entire armies to the battlefields. For now we provide with our supplies all the opposing factions. Countless wars in many worlds are waged by our weapons, and the day is approaching when the winners will be defined. Such dignitaries as you need to understand that the market will take the winning side and will satisfy the winers demands.

Dear ladies and gentlemen! We inform you that the Russian government has taken measures to prevent the COVID epidemic and introduced a self-isolation regime in advance. This means that, despite the minimal percentage Read More. Dear ladies and gentlemen. We are glad to introduce you to the next update.

In it you will find a lot of rare and just very interesting items Astra Militarium, Inquisition, Space Marines Welcome to the Black Market! Influence the destinies of the universes by your orders! Products on Sale. Featured Products. Ah Chu Kuk. Grant Hasslefree miniatures. Latest News. Your Cart.Our mm painted plastic toy soldiers cover every era from Ancient Rome to today.

Classic unpainted plastic toy soldiers. Some call them 'army men,' some mothers threw them out, we specialize and celebrate them!

Perfect for gifts! Using a hot-knife technique, we create new toy soldiers by fusing parts of different toy soldiers together.

Welcome to the Black Market!

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Back to the Moldmaking and Casting Message Board. Note: I am not recasting miniatures and do not have the means or capabilites to recast miniatures. You decide you want more so you cast your own using the one you purchased as the master. Let's say that you want "X" amount of a particular figure, but the miniatures company that makes it can't or won't supply you with that particular figure, and you even would foot the bill in the extra time and expense to produce them, and the only way you can get that particular figure en masse is through recasting, but you won't be bootlegging the miniature for personal profit.

Wouldn't they be cheating themselves out of a potential repeat customer, not to mention someone who could spread the word about their product? Copying work that is not your own is stealing, plain and simple.

Recasts: 3 reasons why we need to avoid illegal or unauthorized miniature copies

No different then shop lifting or stealing from the manufacturer. Yes it's wrong, and even though you may not be profiting you're using the originals to produce X number of copies, rather than paying the manufacturer for the equivalent number of minis. Even losing out on a small sale makes a difference for the majority of manufacturers who are small niche outfits, often doing a service to the hobby by producing minis that the big boys GW, Reaper wouldn't touch.

Also, the few people that I have encountered that recasted for "their own use" eventually couldn't resist casting for all of their gaming buddies, relatives, etc. Here's a simple question you should ask yourself: if you're a manufacturer, would you invest time, effort and money into creating something knowing that you will only ever sell one copy of it?

recast miniatures

Isen't that what you're saying here, that it's ok to steal someone else's work so long as you are not 'profiting' from it? Yes it's illegal but I've often wondered about the morality of casting a few for personal use if the original has been out of production for 15 plus years. There were a few made in the 70s I'd like to have a few of but have not be produced since. I've tried getting some of these on eBay but many have not been seen by me in 20 years much less in quantity.

It will always be wrong, saxondog. You must suffer the inability to have these 'unavailable' minis or risk the peril of your conscience gnawing at your entrails daily. Remember recasting is wrong, kids. However, charging an obscene amount for a single figure in fact entire lines of figures is good and healthy for the hobby and also makes the shareholders happy with their dividends.

If you are clever enough to recast,then become clever enough to learn to sculpt your own masters. Theft by any other name ie still stealing. Even if a figure has not been produced or even seen for many years there is economic damage to the owner of the copyright. Recently, there has been a movement in the miniatures industry where small companies purchase the old moulds and masters of now defunct companies and "revive" the range. Also, you limit the value of the copyright if the original owner decides to sell the range.

Who would want to take a risk and revive the range if it was known that people were knocking off copies? Just because you want it and it is no longer available or in your opinion is over priced, does not in any way change the fact that it is wrong and flat-out illegal. However, sculptures are specifically exempted.It's pretty obvious that people don't read the article, or just keep hoping.

There really is no more reason for secrecy.

Painting Tutorials

I bought this item off aliexpress. As I keep stressing, there are no more recasts on that site. It looks like they wanted to open towards other markets, and removed all copyright infringing items. I won't be sending out future emails. Saturday, January 10, Chinese recasts of miniatures.

recast miniatures

Important announcement. I've received a lot of comments asking for the site that I used to buy this model. The first notifiable difference compared to an original miniature is the boxing. While GW and other, high-budget companies offer a nice packaging a cardboard box with artwork on itthe recast arrived in a rough cardboard box, wrapped in bubble wrap. Simple, pragmatic, nothing fancy. Assembly instructions included: none, whereas official miniatures include them in the box. Thankfully, this is a relatively simple model there are no customization options, you can only assemble it in one wayso there's no way to get lost.

Still, I wouldn't start assembling a, let's say, Flaming Chariot without some instructions. Casting quality: depends on what we compare it to.

GW plastic is much better, however, that's an unfair comparison, as this is a finecast model. I've never unboxed one, but here's a post about it from a fellow blogger: A painting chaos: Warriors of Chaos Be'lakor Daemon Prince Finecast unboxing So unlike plastic, there are a lot of miscast remnants - a lot more than on the finecast model as seen above.

Labels: miniature tradewarhammer. Endre January 1, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.We are Artel "W" Miniatures - group of artists, sculpters and designers, mostly from Russia, producing collectible resin miniatures for wargames, tabletops and RPGs. Our motto is: "Awesome miniatures for awesome people!

So - welcome, Awesome Ones, check what we made for you and your games and collections! We accept payment via Paypal only. We ship worldwide by Russian Post. Usually order processing takes about a week, delivery about weeks. For new products and some popular products, processing may take longer, if you need the goods urgently or at a certain time - please contact us. We are the team of artists, designers and casters working together for the common goal which is to make our resin miniatures full of character and thoroughly detailed.

Although the company was established just two and a half years ago, we have by now released quite a lot of minis and sets warmly accepted by the community from around the world. This tabletop skirmish wargame with miniatures in 32mm scale takes players to a dystopian alternative future inspired by classic cyberpunk and action films of the 80s and 90s. Artel "W" Miniatures.

recast miniatures

Store About Contact us. Get directions. Business hours. Shop Now. About Artel "W" Miniatures.


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