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Did you like this project? Find out more, right here. Digital Strategy. Brand Web Campaign. Awareness Campaigns in Italy and Abroad. Product Digital Campaign. E-commerce: Digital and Social Campaign. Press Campaign for Rescue Night. Online Campaign for Insurance Product. Market penetration Campaign.

Radio commercial for Cera di Cupra. Radio commercial for Pasta del Capitano. On-press Campaign. Happy New Year Campaign. Brand Campaign "H2Hawk". Farm Insurance Campaign. Non credi che la tua griglia Mops campaign. Nessuna come Lei. Hurom Campaign.

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Non their reduced it is one okay gifts to present yet not a wow gift Tinted glasses include the best accessories for everyone who are fond involving spicing things up or merely in want of obtaining some fun and way.Here you will find out all the best works by this advertising agency. Works, projects and ideas risen up along copiaincolla story. An advertising agency is made of its own ideas Here you will find out all the best works by this advertising agency. Culligan - Social branding and web presence The social communication strategy for the company of water treatment.

Spuma di Sciampagna - Social Branding. Hinowa - Brand Web Campaign A creative campaign for the web. Within the limits of space and time of a display banner, the right idea can make a message of immediate impact and catch the attention of the public. Cribis - Digital Strategy iCribis - A B2B Digital Strategy A new web communication for a company that provides business information to small, medium and large companies. A project ideated, scripted, shooted and brought online for the engagement with users.

A good work. Samurai - Sales Folder The commercial development of a brand requires strategies and contents that can intercept the expectations of a potential customer. We did this for the largest Italian toothpicks brand. Arpa - Company Web Site How can it be the website of a company that selects and distributes fertilizers for farmland? Boring and technical, many could say.

However, it can be designed and built in this way too. Natfood - Brand Presence One of the most important Italian companies in the world of Horeca distribution has chosen us to create and define a new communication system useful to supply some individual brands. Biofutura - Product Web Presence A website and seasonal landing pages to support a range of products for cough cure.

Loacker Remedia - Press Campaign for Rescue Night An essential communication output on the most important national newspapers for a homeopathic product that induces sleep. They asked a single campaign, we gave them two.

comunitazione talks about ilsa advertising campaign by copiaincolla

Hero - E-commerce: Digital and Social Campaign A wide online and offline strategy to communicate the new e-commerce is born. A system including DEM, mailing, display campaigns, landing pages and much more.

Apam - Public Transport Website A digital project that made public transport easy. Even with a smartphone. Sipa Zoppas Ind.

An UX that organizes all the company's offer. A website ready to welcome the Chinese SEO. Apam - Dynamic campaign for sustainable mobility An original dynamic campaign for a public shuttle bus for the sustainability and protection of Mantua city. Ciccarelli - Radio commercial for Pasta del Capitano A campaign for the in-store radio on air into the biggest supermarket chains.

Sound effects and a strange passionate about toothpaste. A communication able to lead you in front of the right shelf. A wish to be transferred to people using a social strategy, involving who looks in a shopping digital experience. Specific social campaigns and an editorial plan year-long. Cascina San Cassiano - Brand Identity and Positioning A project representing a compromise between the excellence of the product and the rusticity of its origin to bring Italian products overseas.It is a full line of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers characterized by a high content of slow-release nitrogen of proteic origin.

The products of this line are allowed in organic farming.

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All the organic raw materials employed previously undergo thermal hydrolysis processes. The BioIlsa line products are dry, stable over the time, and do not generate unpleasant odours. It is a full line of organo-mineral fertilizers characterized by the presence of slow-release nitrogen of proteic origin.

The different formulations cover the nutritional requirements of all the crops, both when conventional cultivation techniques are used and where low environmental impact agriculture is practiced. In particular, all formulations are characterized by high agronomic efficiency and high content of slow-release nitrogen.

Particularly, low molecular weight products are suitable for foliar applications and are characterized by high availability of L-Amino acids and their rapid penetration through the foliar tissues. Higher molecular weight products are characterized by their purity and ability to meet crop nutritional requirements in the different growth stages and, above all, overcome stress situations.

The common feature is that each product has specific and unique properties. Public and private landscaped areas in urban environments are given greater and greater attention because of their importance for life quality improvement.

Turfs are the main component of urban green, and their care requires specific and environment-friendly fertilizers, like those of the IlsaAgro line.

They are suitable for turfs of any kind, i. Guided product search. Professional agriculture Home and garden Prodotti per l'industria Macrocategory. Look at Products. We join with:. Sign in. Don't remember your password? Ask for new password. Don't have an account? Sign up. You need to be registered to open or download the document required. Registration is totally free.

comunitazione talks about ilsa advertising campaign by copiaincolla

To register click here Sign up.This is why the chemical industry of the fertilizer industry is called to give concrete answers and we believe that efficient and sustainable products must come from a just as many efficient and sustainable production, reason why we set ourselves the goal of reducing the environmental impact of every single product and production process.

At the heart of our production processes there is the use of renewable raw materials, as well as the valorization of residues and by-products of other productive sectors through "biorefining" processes. We make efficient products that at low doses allow increasing quality and production yields per hectare even in stress situations, improve agricultural soil fertility and promote a rational use of water resources while fully respecting the environment and the people living in it.

To make our biostimulants and fertilisers we mainly use natural animal- and plantderived raw materials coming from renewable sources.

The C. By using industrial processes generally recognised as having low environmental impact, we make products while drastically reducing emissions into the atmosphere and waste production. The correct use of products and the reduction of the environmental impact from their use also depend on good training and information activities addressed to the distribution system and to end-users.

ILSA's Manifesto. We join with:. Sign in. Don't remember your password? Ask for new password. Don't have an account? Sign up. You need to be registered to open or download the document required. Registration is totally free. To register click here Sign up.The people were really friendly, and most spoke excellent english.

Our trip was the last 10 days of July and we had good weather for the trip with only one day of rain. All details are planned very well. The selection of the hotels are perfect as we have dreamed. Nordic Visitor planned our full circle tour of Iceland in early May. The tour was self guided and included the route, a rental car and accommodations.

We chose budget accommodations which was just right for us. These included some some self catering as well as a couple of hotel accommodations. All were extremely clean and all the hosts and hostesses were extremely friendly and helpful. They provided us with maps, a route as well as suggestions for sightseeing and activities. All of these were right on target. A real bonus was the use of a cell phone while on the trip which was vey reassuring.

I highly reccomend this company. Maria - We can't tell you enough what a spectacular vacation we had in Iceland. Your package was perfect. Everything worked beyond our wildest expectations. We loved the country, of course - what a beautiful place, and the people are fabulous. Food was delicious and all accommodations were so comfortable and luxurious. All the materials you provided were amazing.

The road atlas was a tremendous help and an appreciated gift as well. We hope someday to visit other nordic countries - Denmark and Norway especially. We will certainly go to Nordic Visitor when we do.

Thank you again for all the thoughtful planning that made this trip truly memorable. Everything was extremely well done, I though.

Sigfus was very accomodating when it came to answering every question--he even answered my question when he was out of the office sick. The entire self-drive course along the Ring Road was easy to follow. I mostly used the GPS, but the maps and atlas came in handy when trying to find locations the GPS did not recognize as well as letting me find other desinations of personal interest (like the gliderport just outside of Reykjavik).

Nordic Visitor impressed us from the start with instant replies to Emails and the ability to call Nordic Visitor using a 1800 number from Australia, as I did once, was great. I have to thank Helena for everything she did for us, including sorting the slight hiccup that occurred in our pickup from Oslo airport. The documentation presented to us was 1st class, maps, travel information, and we much appreciated the DVDs from Hurtigruten.

We loved everywhere we travelled, Trondheim, cruising the Fjords, Bergin, perhaps Flam was a highlight, getting there, the accommodation, the included meal, the train ride. As it turned out we did the train from Flam to Myrdal twice as the train to Oslo could not operate due to snow, so they sent us back to Flam and then a bus to Oslo.

Many thanks to Nordic Visitor and Helena, maybe Iceland is next. Your staff was very helpful setting up the trip with our special requests and making sure things were right while we were on the trip.

comunitazione talks about ilsa advertising campaign by copiaincolla

Our primary purpose for the trip was to see and photograph the Northern Lights, which we were able to do 2 lovely nights in a row. But the entire trip was great -- Iceland and its people are wonderful and we definitely want to return.Thank you Nordic Visitor for the wonderful vacation. This was a trip of a lifetime for us. All of the accommodations were great. There was enough time in each day that we were never rushed to get to the next place.

We were delighted by our Express Iceland tour, and the arrangements made on our behalf by Nordic Visitor. There were no unpleasant or unexpected surprises. Our accommodations consistently exceeded our expectations. We very much enjoyed Iceland, and look forward to returning again in the future. We found the whole experience of visiting Iceland was very much smoothed by the prior arrangements and efficient service.

It was good to visit the office and meet Alexandra and she was lovely and charming. The accommodation was largely excellent and the recommendations for our days were great. We had one of the best holidays ever, and given that we were in a very unknown environment, did not speak the language and had no experience of driving on the 'wrong side' of the road in snowy conditions, we were very pleased that everything worked so well. Thanks to you all for the great service. The tour was very comprehensive and well organized.

It exceeded my expectations. I have visited over 50 countries. This trip was the best. My son, daughter and son in law are already talking about visiting Iceland. The map, tour book and suggested itinerary were outstanding. We were not quite sure what to expect, but everything went according to plan. Before our arrival we received a fairly comprehensive information package in the mail including a large map of Iceland and detailed itinerary. On our arrival at the airport we were picked up by a taxi driver who had our vouchers for the hotels, car rental and ferry.

The next day we were driven to the car rental agency, and with our GPS powered-up, away we went. It turned out to be two weeks of incredible scenery, learning and great food. We recommend this trip and company. Me and my girlfriend drove around the country (12 days because we added some extra nights to the base trip) on a self drive tour booked through Nordic Visitor. We chose budget accommodation throughout and it was beyond excellent. The tour was flawlessly orchestrated by our NV agent.

Wholeheartedly an amazing, unforgettable trip. The agent you are assigned is a local, ie. It was brilliantly simple and well detailed (each voucher had contact numbers and addresses to your destinations). Put the information into the GPS you are provided with, and off you go. Need to call your accommodation or activity for more info or because you're arriving late. NV provides a pre-paid cell phone to get in touch. We even used ours to just call taxis when we needed.

NV flawlessly took care of the core details for us, the rest was our own adventure to do as we pleased. If you want to see Iceland, even on shorter routes, NV knows what they are doing. Highly recommended because I would have wasted hours online trying to figure out each days accommodation, activity, etc on my own (especially in the more remote areas). Iceland lives in my heart now.


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