I'm not sure if the links are supposed to the be the same or not but the midterm link seems to be the same as the old midterm questions we had gone over in class.

Question 25 of the Fall Midterm. We have learned about boiling points in class, but not melting points. Phenol as the highest melting point makes sense due to hydrogen bonding. I would put toluene 2nd and benzene 3rd as the shapes are the same, with an added CH3 group adding extra molecular weight to toluene. Does a compounds melting point have additional factors, and do we need to know how to determine melting points if so?

chem 102 midterm 1

Why is CF2Cl2 always polar when it perhaps could my wrong thought be symmetrical with the flourines on one axis and the chlorines on the other? Which one is correct? This exact example is straight out of the later notes, though. The b. Resonance structures seem ambigious.

If we can draw a single dominant structure then do we assume theres only 1 structure? Does so3 have 1 resonance structure or 4? What wiuld we put on a test. I was was wondering if we would be able to have scrap paper for the midterm, because the papers are double sided with small margins.

SO3 has even more than 4, actually, since by expanding the octet you can have 1, 2 or 3 double bonds. Use the back of the data sheet. For question 14 on the midterm, Would the best LS for SO3 be: S with each O connected to S by double bonds because this would make the formal charge O for each of the atoms and S can expand its octet because it's in the 3rd row of the periodic table?

Wouldn't this mean that there isn't resonance because this is the best LS? I'm just a bit confused by this. Are there going to be questions on enthalpy or lattice energy, since these were covered in Midterm 1? On the upcoming midterm, could we ask for blank papers from the invigilator? It would be a lot easier if we can draw lewis structures on a separate piece of paper rather than on the sides of our testpaper.

The 3 Lewis structures with just one double bond are good in that they obey the octet rule, but are not so good in that formal charge is high. In such cases, it is difficult to know which is best, so it's safest to assume that they're all contributing to the overall bonding picture.

Note that the other four options don't allow you to draw any other Lewis structures, so you can eliminate them from consideration.

Professor McIndoe, this might not be the right place to ask this, but is it all right if I come in during your office hours and ask you some questions not pertaining to the Chem course material? Specifically, the questions have to do with spectrophotometry. Are you the right person to ask, or should I find someone else to help me? I'd avoid visiting my office hours this week with that question everyone else there will have questions about the midtermbut in general, sure.

My research expertise does not lie in spectrophotometry, but once I find out a bit more I can at least point you in the right direction. Question 2 of the Midterm I understand why C isn't a valid resonance structure. There should only be one double bond with N and an O. It has 26 valence electrons, which means it would have a lone pair on Cl.Header search input. Study Resources.

Homework Help. Log In. Sign Up. Study GuidesUSISU 1, CHE Zona 3. Study Guide. This preview shows page 1. Sign up to view the full 4 pages of the document. All crows are black. That bird is a crow, therefore it is black. This is an example of which. The birth of natural science can be traced to important assumptions made by thinkers in. What best summarizes these choices?

Chemists use a very large number to designate a standard pile of atoms or molecules. A confirming result in an experiment designed to test a hypothesis is best represented. The conversion of water to hydrogen and oxyg en may best be described. Ethanol is a pure substance that may be chemically decomposed into carbon, hydrogen. W hich statement is true? The area of a circle is linearly related to.

From what idea is the definition of the meter, the basic unit of length in the metric. A grey metallic element is found to react rapidly with water to produce hydrogen gas. W h at can be said about the.

How is the concept of a physical change best understood? A physical change does not involv e a change in the identity of the mate rial. How may the dissolution of salt in water be best described?The information provided on this site is protected by U. This information is provided exclusively for the personal and academic use of students, instructors and other university personnel.

Use of this information for any commercial purpose, or by any commercial entity, is expressly prohibited. This information may not, under any circumstances, be copied, modified, reused, or incorporated into any derivative works or compilations, without the prior written approval of Koofers, Inc. CHEM Dashboard Prof. Professor: C.

Yerkes Term: Fall Pages: 10 Views: Exam 2. Professor: Staff Term: -- Pages: 9 Views: Yerkes Term: -- Pages: 10 Views: Exam 3. Exam 1. Professor: Staff Term: -- Pages: 7 Views: Professor: T. Hummel Term: Fall Pages: 6 Views: Professor: K. Marville Term: Fall Pages: 11 Views: Marville Term: Fall Pages: 1 Views: Professor: E. Whitteck Term: Spring Pages: 22 Views: Whitteck Term: -- Pages: 26 Views: Marville Term: Fall Pages: 9 Views: Yerkes Term: -- Pages: 5 Views: Yerkes Term: Fall Pages: 1 Views: Whitteck Term: Spring Pages: 7 Views: Professor: Staff Term: -- Pages: 8 Views: College Board archive of free response questions.

San Diego State has a sample placement exam.

chem 102 midterm 1

Purdue has a Chem II readiness exam with solutions pdf. See if you are ready to take Chem II. Bernhard Vogler. Also see General Chemistry II sample exams with answers. Tests with Answer Keys, from Bob Bruner.

Text: Organic Chemistry by Ouellette. Multiple choice. Pomona College General Chemistry Exams with solutions. Washington University General Chemistry Exams with solutions. University of Wisconsin General Chemistry Exams. Large collection of exams with solutions from several General Chemistry Classes at varying levels. Chem, Youngstown State has sample exams with solutions.

Textbook: Brown, LeMay, Bursten. Chem from Thomas D. Also see Organic Chemistry II exams. Boise State Organic Chemistry Exams, multiple choice, with solutions. Claremont College has a large collection of organic chemistry exams with detailed solutions.

Lasalle U. Organic Chem 1, Chemsample exams and quizzes with solutions. Textbook: J. McMurry, Organic Chemistry, 7th Ed. From William A. See also Organic Chem 2 Chem Part of an online course. Oneonta old Organic Chemistry exams with answers with solutions. Pennylvania Organic Chem 1, Chemsample exams and quizzes with solutions. Textbook: L. Wade, Jr. AceOrganicChem has a list of organic chemistry exams at various sites.

Physical Chemistry Exams with Solutions University of Connecticut has a website with online exam problems organized by subject. Created by Carl David. University of Delaware Physical Chemistry exams with solutions. University of Michigan Physical Chemistry exams with solutions. Covers Quantum Chemistry.

Chem University of Texas, Dallas Physical Chemistry exams with solutions.Instructor : Dr. Patrick Mills. Office Phone : Cell phone : Emergencies only : E-mail : preferred pmills jjc. See Dr. Mills immediately if you do not meet any of these requirements.

Instructor Initiated Drop s : Any student s who, without the prior consent of the instructor, miss the first class meeting will be dropped from the course in order to make way for student s on the class waiting list. It is the student's responsibility to drop themselves from the course, after the second week, should they anticipate a failing course grade as a result of poor academic performance.

Adds : Students will not be permitted to add to the course after the first week of classes have been completed.

CHEM 102 Midterm: exam 1 review

This subject matter builds on the chemical principles encountered in CHMwhich, in turn, were found to underpin and describe, on a microscopic scale, the world around us.

Relevant material from the following chapters of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach will be discussed during lectures see misc. Independent study assignments will not be collected for grading. Copies of the solution manual are available in the library reserve room, or a copy may be viewed in my office E See the final section of this document for some additional important details regarding HWK assignments. Since CHM is a continuation of CHMstudents are assumed to possess a solid background in and an appropriate mastery of subject matter previously covered in CHM The laboratory sequence has also been designed so that students encounter a variety of chemically significant processes and so, in turn, develop an understanding of the fundamental chemical principles that describe them.

Thus, the lab assignments of chemistry often provide illustrative examples of the principles covered in class. All experimental procedures, and well as their respective pre and post-lab assignments, may be found within the Chemistry lab manual or downloadable files.

Lab sessions will take place during the last class period of the week, unless otherwise specified. A written description of what is required to successfully complete each lab write up will be distributed during the first lab session.

College Algebra Introduction Review - Basic Overview, Study Guide, Examples & Practice Problems

These values will be used, in conjunction with quiz and exam scores, to calculate final course grades see below. Students will complete laboratory assignments in groups possessing either two or occasionally four members.

Students must wear approved safety goggles, be appropriately dressed, and adhere with all safety regulations at all times when in the laboratory. Safety rules and regulations will be reviewed during the first lab session. Any student who is pregnant or may become pregnant during the course of the semester is strongly advised to consult their doctor before enrolling in this course.

Students must make up any and each missed lab assignment within one week of their absence s from the laboratory. Lab make ups may NOT be completed during the last week of class or Finals week.

Students that do not make up missed laboratory assignment s will receive a score of zero for that assignment s. Any student who misses more than 3 laboratory periods and does not make them up will have a full letter grade deducted from their final course grade. If you miss a lab be sure to see Dr.

Mills as soon as possible for details on times and dates for making up the missed work. On time lab check-in first week and check-outs last week count towards lab attendance and points totals. The final course grade is based on a preliminary quiz 15 points3 midterm quizzes 25 points each2 midterm exams points each and a comprehensive ACS standardized final exam points featuring material from both CHM and CHM A maximum of points will also be awarded for laboratory work.

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CHEM 102 Study Guide - Spring 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes -

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chem 102 midterm 1

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