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Our paint and coatings industry directory includes suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of all types of coatings products and services. BASF Corp. Charlotte, NC Contact Vince Haas, Dir. BASF offers the widest portfolio of raw materials for the coatings industry, including resins, latex, specialty additives, dispersants and stabilizers. Distributors Azelis Americas www.

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Welcome to the Coatings Division of BASF

Visit Pigment Finder. Create vibrant looks from matte to high sparkle, with our broad portfolio of effect pigments and specialty minerals for cosmetic and personal care products. The range presents an extensive variety of white pigments, colors and iridescent pearls, plus natural-looking, shiny, and metallic shades.

In addition to heightening the visual appeal of formulations, our effect pigments can also benefit performance, such as color correction and enhanced skin feel. For the seasons, we focus on restoring our balance as human beings through two trends that tell a story of empowerment.

Source encourages us to harmonize with nature, while Beast supports a release of our inner animal. Our experienced employees will guide you through our fully ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly processes.

For the seasons, we embraced two trends with anti-anxiety effects. Incognito invites consumers to take things in their own hand, while Bliss is all about positivity and self-indulgence.

The spirit of the 80s is back in focus. Cosmetic trends of celebrate fearless individuality, non-conformism, and a conscious lifestyle. Revive the sprit of pink with a bold make-up statement and strong personality. Discover effect pigments that are suitable to your specific requirements. Create appealing applications for hair, eye, lip, face and body, nail, and oral care. Boost color, texture, and sparkle with natural mica-based pigments that can be used for various cosmetic applications.

Our sustainably sourced mica is coated with titanium or iron to create white, interference, and metallic effects. Achieve bright, clean colors that combine the best of high chroma and high purity for a flawless, even-toned appearance of makeup. Aditionally add a sparkling, luxurious and rich look to all color and personal care products.

basf tio2

Our synthetic mica-based and metal oxides coated pigments are an ideal choice for use in products where bold pearlescent and iridescent effects are desired.

Achieve striking chromatic appearance with dramatic color shift at different agles of illumination. Our borosilicate-based interference pigments deliver enhanced color purity, brightness, transparency, and reflectivity in your applications. Our calcium sodium borosilicate platelets are coated with metal oxides such as titanium TiO 2 dioxide and silicon dioxide SiO 2.User Login.

Titanium Dioxide Report. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics and performance products to agricultural products, fine chemicals as well as oil and gas. As a reliable partner BASF creates chemistry to help its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful.

With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, BASF plays an important role in finding answers to global challenges such as climate protection, energy efficiency, nutrition and mobility. Titanium Dioxide Report: As per reports and information from our sources,Germany's BASF will build a new dispersions plant in Huizhou in China's Guangdong province to meet growing demand from southern China, the chemicals group said on Tuesday.

Production is scheduled to begin in the first quarter ofsubject to government approval, BASF said, adding that the investment is part of the firm's growth strategy for Asia Pacific. It did not provide investment details for the project. BASF aims to double its sales in Asia over the next 10 years and grow faster than the region's market, which by some projections could consume almost half of the world's chemicals by With the persistent popularity of titanium dioxide, or TiO 2comes increased costs for formulators.

General ups and downs with demand can also tighten the market. Titanium dioxide is historically the best way to achieve high opacity in paints and coatings. Opacity, or the capacity for a paint to hide what was previously on the substrate, is a critical feature for contractors and DIY painters alike. To keep customers happy, formulators have the choice to use more TiO 2 and bear the added expense — or introduce a system that uses TiO 2 more efficiently.

By displacing or scattering the TiO 2 particles, AQACell lowers the total cost of formulation without compromising performance or hiding power. That helps it scatter the light and provide opacity.

With those two mechanisms, AQACell reduces costs by replacing 10 to 15 percent of TiO 2 — sometimes more, depending on the formulation technique. In addition to greater cost-effectiveness for equivalent hiding power, AQACell is APEO-free and ammonia-free, which means the final product will have minimal odor.

An acrylic resin for premium interior paints, excels at lowering formulated VOC levels while improving TiO 2 efficiency. To learn how your particular formulations can become more TiO 2 -efficient, feel free to consult a representative. Pull off the TiO2 balancing act in architectural coatings. Divide and conquer Titanium dioxide is historically the best way to achieve high opacity in paints and coatings.

The perfect pairing In addition to greater cost-effectiveness for equivalent hiding power, AQACell is APEO-free and ammonia-free, which means the final product will have minimal odor.

A tough exterior: Resilient exterior paint for trending substrates. One-coat corrosion protection with high performance and low environmental impact. Related Resources. See More.Dispersants deflocculate solids and thus significantly reduce the viscosity of a dispersion or paste. This is due to the different surface tensions of the liquids e. A dispersing additive is necessary to produce stable formulations and ensure storage stability no viscosity instability, no separation.

Commercially available pigments and extenders are supplied to paint factories as agglomerates. The grinding process incorporates these solid materials into the liquid vehicle or grinding resin.

basf tio2

During this process, the agglomerates are transformed into a dispersion of particles, which can be as small as the primary particle size. Adsorption imparts a net negative charge to the particle surface so that the particles are repelled from each other. When a mineral is dispersed in water using Dispex products, this negative attraction reduces the interaction between particles, thus lowering the viscosity of the mineral slurry or paint mill-base.

The Dispex addition gives the slurry better flow properties and it remains stable for longer. By making the polymer chain more hydrophobic, interaction with minerals such as TiO2 and ZnO is improved, as is the water-resistance and gloss of a formulated coating. These minerals are suitable for a wide variety of applications. China clay or kaolinfor example, is commonly used in coating formulations and as a filler in the paper industry, and also in slip casting of ceramics.

Another mineral often supplied in slurry form is calcium carbonate, which must normally be ground to a particular particle size in a process greatly assisted by the use of a dispersing agent. Calcium carbonate is widely used in the paint industry and also for paper production. Numerous other inorganic and organic minerals and pigments are also dispersed in water-based slurries for a variety of applications. The smaller the particle size, the higher the actual surface area, hence the larger the area the dispersant has to cover.

This will ensure a safety margin should the particle size distribution of the raw materials vary more than expected. Both types of dispersant improve the wetting process and result in shorter grinding times.

The conventional low-molecular-weight types are categorized according to their chemical structure as anionic, cationic, electroneutral and nonionic.

Their effectiveness is determined by the adsorption of the polar group onto the pigment surface and the behavior of the non-polar chain in the medium surrounding the particle.

Molecules with only one polar group attach themselves to the pigment surface while their non-polar chains extend into the resin. If the molecules have more than one polar group, they arrange themselves in such a way that the free polar groups form hydrogen bonds and build a physical structure with the pigments. Shear forces are often responsible for breaking down this structure. This principle is called controlled flocculation.Invalid Name.

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basf tio2

Nano titanium dioxide can be defined as the materials manufactured or engineered to have specific properties and have dimensions between 1 and nanometers. It is also known by the name of flamenco, rutile, as well as dioxotitanium. These exist in three formsrutile, anatase, and brookite. They are mostly used in cosmetics sunscreenshousehold products, surface coatings, and plastics. The market provided is based on the demand or consumption quantity across type of materials and applications at country level.

Further, by conducting bottom-up approach and considering price trends the market value and volumes were derived. Growth in investment towards research and development, penetration of nano titanium dioxides in various application industries, and excellent physio-chemical properties of nano titanium dioxide drives its demand in various applications.

Nano titanium dioxides market are usually added in small quantities to improve the performance of the end-product. However, factors such as toxicity at higher concentration may hamper the market growth. The demand for nano titanium dioxide witnesses significant growth in all the regions, due to its significant physio-chemical properties and opportunities that create for all players in the industry.

Get more information on this report : Request Sample Pages. Market players profiled in this report are nano titanium dioxide manufacturers who either use it internally in some applications or they supply it to other end-users in the industry.

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The data pertaining to market players and their strategic moves are gathered through press releases of respective companies, various blogs available on the website, and primary calls made to the experts in the industry. Growth in awareness among the consumers of emerging as well as developed countries about adverse effects of UV rays and infrastructure development in the region will mainly boost the demand for nano titanium dioxide products, and this trend is expected to provide significant opportunities to the industry players during the forecast period.

Opportunities in Nano Titanium Dioxide Market. Titanium dioxide is one of the most widely used material, commonly found in consumer goods and daily use products such as cosmetics, paints, dyes and varnishes, textiles, paper and plastics, food and drugs, and even paving stones. Nanoscale titanium dioxides are manufactured for specific applications, is approximately times finer than the TiO2 pigment and has different physical properties. Contrasting titanium dioxide, nanoscale titanium dioxide is not generally used as food additives.

IKW nanoscale titanium dioxides are presently used in sunscreens only. Inthe cosmetic was the largest application segment with highest share of Nano titanium dioxide is used as a polymer additive for UV protection and to enhance the performance of plastics. Use of nano TiO2 in plastics protects products from cracking, fading, and other types of solar degradation. The rapid industrialization along with increase in investment in these industries contributes to the growth of the market and fuels the demand for nano TiO2 in the region.

China is one of the leading countries in the Global in terms of demand and commercialization of nano titanium dioxide based products. Cristal, E. China Nano Titanium Dioxide Market: The Global nano titanium dioxide market is segmented as below:. List of Figures. List of Tables. TABLE 1. Call us on U. Clients can easily download both quantitative as well as qualitative reports in PDF and excel formats.

Start reading instantly. All prices in USD. To ensure high-level data integrity, accurate analysis, and impeccable forecasts.By offsetting TiO2, AQACell delivers a lower total cost of formulation without compromising the performance of interior and exterior coatings.

BASF strives to fulfill sample requests in the safest and most efficient way possible. Once you complete the form below someone from our team will contact you regarding the status of your request. Located outside of North America? Visit our global website here. For a description of the information collected about you and the business purposes for which that information is used, please click here: Table III Data Collection Purpose. Have a question about our products or services?

Please complete the form below and one of our experts will contact you shortly. Request a sample How can we help? Product downloads Brochures 1 Safety datasheets 2 Technical datasheets 1. Product value card. Download File. Material safety datasheet USA. Country: USA. Material safety datasheet Canada. Country: Canada.

Technical datasheet. Other Application. Estimated Annual Volume. Leave this field blank. How can we help?


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